Vladimir Kuzmin was born in October, 13, 1953. He graduated Sverdlovsk Mining Institute. From 1976 till 1991 he worked at the state enterprise Vector, which manufactured various electronic musical instruments from 1972. He worked out many analogue and digital musical instruments which were manufactured by Vector state enterprise. Among them there are analogue synthesizer Polivoks, piano-strings Quintet, digital synthesizer Maestro, vocal synthesizer VS-34, portable keyboard Arton IK-51 and others. From 1992 he is the director of the Urals' Music Technology Centre.

Olimpiada Kuzmina was born in June, 30, 1954. She graduated Sverdlovsk Academy of Architecture. From 1976 till 1990 she worked as chief designer at the state enterprise Vector. She is the author of design of many serial musical instruments and other equipment: synthesizers Polivoks and Maestro, piano-strings Quintet, vocal synthesizer VS-34, portable keboard Arton IK-51. Now she works at the Urals' Music Technology Centre.

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