Electronic musical instruments manufactured by Urals' enterprises.


FAEMI is the first-born among the Urals electronic musical instruments. It was manufactured from 1972 till 1990 without any serious changes. It has 19 timres, one voice, internal loudspeaker 0,5W, compartment for batteries or power supply. Special electronic scheme "artificial bass" allows for little loudspeaker to reproduce very low frequences. Name FAEMI comes from the lowest key (FA) and the highest key (MI) of the keyboard.


FAEMI-M is the true electronic portable organ with 12 semitone oscillators and octave dividers. As FAEMI it has internal loudspeaker and compartment for batteries or AC power supply and keyboard of accordeon size.


MANUAL is electronic organ with 12 semitone oscillators and octave dividers. It incorporates rythm-box (16 rythms and 5 instruments). It has its own stands and besides it can be attached to the deck of upright piano. That's why MANUAL is called "attachment to the piano". Manual has internal loudspeaker and external cabinet.


QUINTET is 5-octave piano-string. It has voices of piano, harpsichord, brass and strings. Chorus effect uses 3-point unison and with detune control makes sound very natural.


MAESTRO is the first in Russia microprocessor controlled synthesizer. It has 20 preset voices of main groups of the traditional instruments, chorus, arpeggiator with memory and joystick for pitch and modulation depth.


This is the modification of MAESTRO. The difference is that VS-34 synthesizes the timbres of human voice: men's and women's vowels A:, O:, U:, I: and some articulation effects. All timbres use the principle of formant vocoder, that's why all vowels sound very natural in all keyboard scale.


ARTON IK-51 is fully digital portable keyboard, very like Yamaha PSR series, with full automatic autoaccompaniment (bass, rythm). It has wavetable synthesis for voices and digital recording for drums. It is the first in Russia keyboard with full protocol MIDI.


ROCKTON is fully electronic drum set. It has 7 strike-sense pads with stands and electronic unit. Synthesis is analogue which gives an opportunity to get countless sounds. The unit has rythm sequencer with various rythms for live perfomances and training.


TOPAZ is the portable electronic button accordeon. It has accordeon registres, internal loudspeaker and special imitator of bellows in the left hand for natural sense.


POLIVOKS is the analogue synthesizer. It has 2 VCOs (it is possible to play two-voice performances, i.e. when pressing 2 keys one VCO will be assigned to the upper key, while the second VCO will be assigned to the low key), VCF and VCA with separate EGs for each. More about the Polivoks you will know from the special page of this site.

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